Laurel Girls – Raising Their Voices for 125 Years

“We our voices raise,” the school sings all together in the gym, girls ranging from the age of five to eighteen, animating the Alma Mater. Almost every time we gather as a whole school, we close with the Alma Mater, so that, by the time Seniors leave these dear walls, the words of the Alma Mater are imprinted in their hearts. Laurel girls know the mission and the values of the school by heart. They know that we expect them to leave us and to go forth to change the world for the better. A great big brain unharnessed to a strong moral compass is a danger in this complicated world; we are proud that our graduates are women of integrity, empathy, curiosity and brilliance. From the oldest living alumnae to our most recent graduates, Laurel alumnae are committed to raising their voices in both loud and quiet ways to change the world. 

In girls’ schools, we often know only the students a few years ahead of us and behind us—perhaps we played on a team with an older girl or appeared on stage with a younger student, but women throughout the generations can inspire us over the course of our lives. Each time I meet a graduate, I am struck by the choices she has made, the ways in which she has lived the mission and the values of our school, the impact this school and our faculty have had on her growth and development. All our graduates are smart, but they are smart in lots of ways. I always say the benefits of a Laurel education spool out for graduates long after a student crosses the stage at Severance Hall to receive her diploma. As we close out Women’s History Month, we thought you might enjoy reading more about some extraordinary Laurel women and the ways in which they are raising their voices—in loud and quiet ways to change the world. 

You may or may not have read about the following Laurel alumnae in our alumnae spotlights.  Here’s a recap of several Laurel alumnae who are doing good work in the world:

I am proud to lead a school where women choose distinct and diverse paths—not every path is linear, and more and more, we celebrate women who reinvent themselves over the course of their lives. What begins at Lyman Circle is just that—a beginning. What you choose to do with the education you receive is up to you, but in this, our 125th year, it is exciting to reflect on the many ways Laurel alumnae move through the world.